Sirius Lee

Sirius Lee

Sirius Lee, The Problematic Time Transplant is your classic time travel comedy caper with a musical twist.

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[18+ Adult Content – Mature Language, Drug Use]

Sirius Lee, an African American male with problematic ways, transports 40 years into the future in this classic time travel comedy caper with a musical twist.

While searching tirelessly for a way back home, Sirius Lee meets his adult millennial son and begs for his help. Junior soon discovers his dad is a gifted lyricist, fearless martial artist, and a brilliant quantum physicist. 

Sirius Learns that his old school ways are problematic in this new era. When Junior finds his dad’s diet consists of only meat and dairy, he tells his dad about the benefits of going vegan. When Sirius suggests cheating on his wife, Junior exposes famous figures from the 1980s who had issues with toxic masculinity. 

Their quest to return home becomes one of pseudo-self-discovery. But the goal to re-establish normalcy keeps moving further and further away.

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