The Hunted Encore

The Hunted: Encore

An award-winning Action Comedy, Rock Musical, Mockumentary Web Series about NYC Vampire Slayers.

A spinoff of the longest running web series of all time, The Hunted: Encore is an award-winning action comedy, rock musical, mockumentary web series about New York City vampire slayers. Featuring Megan and her team of misfits, The Hunted: Encore follows them and her camera crew through an absurd tale of vampire cloning, a mysterious half vampire on a motorcycle, a rock band of vampiress assassins, and vlogging vamps, all set to a soundtrack of original songs from up-and-coming musical theatre composers. Winner of more than 70 awards from over 50 festivals worldwide, Season 2 ranked #4 USA, #27 worldwide in the 2018 Web Series World Cup. 

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