Transylvania TV

Transylvania Television

The Retro, Monster Comedy That’s REALLY Not For Kids!

In a spooky castle in the Carpathians lives a motley band of misfit monsters doing their best not to kill each other as they try to run their own television station. Problem is, this station is powered by the infamous Frankenstein Device. Invented by that notorious doctor decades before, it’s capable of bringing new life to the station’s catalog of horrible syndicated content. By all means, put in that tape of Star Trek, but you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get on the other side. Station employees include Furry J Ackermonster, the laid back party yeti; his pal the beatnik Batfink, the station’s sixties-obsessed engineer; and his uptight boss the Vampire Le Shoc. Von Bucket is Furry’s personal demon, and don’t forget idiot savant Dwayne Frankenstein, made from the parts of thirteen people. Whether they’re keeping the station’s makeshift technology running, or enjoying a draft at the local bowling alley and watering hole, the Friki Tiki, you’ll be amazed and disturbed by the antics of the Kastle Krew at Transylvania Television. Blending behind-the-scenes hijinks with off-the-wall parodies and pop culture referentia, Transylvania Television combines the production value of the Muppets with the razor-sharp wit of Mystery Science Theater 3000!

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