What If

What If

Everything that we know about our Universe, we know because someone asked the question, ‘what if?’. Embark on an epic trip through time, space, and chance as we ask the biggest and craziest questions that only science can answer. 

What If You Didn't Washed Your Bed Sheets for a Month?
What If Walls Could Protect Coastal Cities Against Rising Sea Levels?
What If You Ate Nothing But Ice Cream All Summer?
What If a Blazar Entered Our Solar System?
What If You Had as Much Money as Jeff Bezos?
What If You Only Drank Coffee?
What If Earth Were Sucked Into a Black Hole?
What If an Asteroid Were on a Collision Course to Hit Earth?
What If You Fell Into Lake Vostok?
What If Bed Bugs Were the Size of Humans?
What If You Never Threw Anything Away?
What If You Swallowed a Hornet?
What If You Wore the Same Clothes for a Year?
What If Civilization Collapses?
What If We Raised Dinosaurs for Food?
What If There Were a Global Blackout?
What If North Korea Tsunami-bombed America?
What If We Built a City on Mars?
What If We Discovered Earth 2.0?
What If You Only Ate Cheetos?
What If We Had Nuclear-Powered Rockets
What if Everyone Was Albino
What If You Always Swallow Your Chewing Gum?
What If Everyone Started Inbreeding Tomorrow?
What If Titans Were Real?
What If You Jumped Into a Pool of Liquid Methane?
What If Humans Had No Hair?
What If Jupiter Lost Its Atmosphere
What If Telepathy Were Real
What if Covid-19 Never Disappears
What if an Ice Tsunami Hit the United States
What if it rained every day for a year
What if your stomach acid disappeared
What If Lightsabers were real
What if you fell into angel falls
What If You Stopped Using Toilet Paper?
What if you Cut the Moon in Half
What if the Ring of Fire Suddenly Erupted
What If The Spanish Flu Had Never Happened?
What If You Had $1,000,000 Bitcoins?
What If There Were No Music
What If Underwater Aliens are Hiding in the World's Deepest Lake
What if oceans lose oxygen
What If You Ate Plastic
What if all enslaved africans were given reparations
What If Ants
What If You Couldn't Trust Your Own Memory

What If is a Webby Award winning science documentary web series that takes you on an epic journey through hypothetical worlds and possibilities, some in distant corners of the universe, others right here on Earth. Each scenario examines a scientific theory, research or fact through hypothetical questions that fascinate and engage. By combining human perspectives with an almost inexhaustible pool of science-based imaginations we get a glimpse into humankind’s delicate existence in an otherwise hostile universe.

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