2 Seasons

Krag the barbarian leads a group of adventurers on a quest to avenge his father's death at the hands of the dragon, Slithalazalamazar. Along the way they encounter deadly sirens, deranged cultists, and demons of questionable punctuality.

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  • Walking In Circles S2E1: Heroic Endeavors

    Episode 1

    Tensions run high after a teleport spell has dire consequences for the party and leaves them stranded in unfamiliar territory. Krag crushes his enemies, and makes more in the process.

  • Walking In Circles S2E2: Highwaymen

    Episode 2

    Finding themselves stuck with Squire Quigley, the party makes their way westward. They run afoul a villainous pair of bandits and chaos ensues.

  • Walking In Circles S2E3: Druidic Entanglements

    Episode 3

    Reeling from the effects of the dryad’s curse, Krag and Co. turn to their mysterious new acquaintance who claims to have a solution, but the price may prove too steep.

  • Walking In Circles S2E4: Thief of Another Sort

    Episode 4

    Having evaded Thistle’s trap, the party makes their way towards a shopkeeper who may hold the key to freeing Krag from his curse.

  • Walking In Circles S2E5: The Weird Sisters

    Episode 5

    The Weird Sisters can help Krag, but only if he helps them first. An orc terrorizing the area poses a problem that must be dealt with.

  • Walking In Circles S2E6: Science and Witchcraft

    Episode 6

    The banished orc scientist agrees to stop his disastrous experiments in exchange for the party’s help with a delicate personal problem. Will Krag finally be free of the curse that prevents him from doing what he does best?

  • Walking In Circles S2E7: Smite Evil

    Episode 7

    Krag’s journey homeward is nearly complete, but the enemies he’s made along the way don’t intend to let him finish it. The epic battle between good and evil comes to a head.

  • Walking In Circles S2E8: The Wastes

    Episode 8

    Krag finally arrives in the Windscourge Wastes, only to find thing have changed in his absence. Krag’s homecoming has dangerous consequences that leave the party in their most desperate situation yet.